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NEWCOMERS: Urgent Documents

Pontificio Collegio Filippino contact information:

INDIRIZZO: Via Aurelia 490
CAP: 00165
EMAIL: always put your own email
TELEFONO: 06 6604 1602, or preferably, your own celfone
FAX: 06 6604 1602
PAGINA WEB: www.pcfroma.org

Apply for initial documents in this sequence, all within the week if possible:

See the guides in our website for the required paperwork:

  • Codice Fiscale
  • Permesso di Soggiorno
  • Metrebus Tessera Annuale
  • Tessera Sanitaria

On the Certificato d’Iscrizione:

The Rector will need to apply for your certificato d’iscrizione (enrollment certificate), preferably before the universities go on their summer break during the months of July and August. This is needed to apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno and the  Tessera Annuale. (A photocopy of the pre-enrollment that you used to apply for a visa may be submitted to the Poste instead, but nor for fingerprinting at the Questura later on.)

Please remind him immediately of this. Also inform him immediately in case the Italian Embassy back home did not stamp and return this pre-enrollment to you.

Other Papers

At the opportune time, you will also have to process the following:

  • enrolment (September)
  • Celebret (after enrolment)
  • IOR account
  • debit card (optional)

Checklist of documents to obtain upon arriving in Rome (see details from among these guides). Then scan and email a copy to the Rector, using the filenames indicated.

  1. Double check that you have emailed to the Rector the prior required documents
    ☐ filenames: 01-CBCP-yourfamilyname.pdf… up to 15-curriculum-yourfamilyname.pdf
  2. Visa: scan both adjacent pages so that the passport could also be seen, flat.
    ☐ filename: 41-yourfamilyname-visa.pdf
  3. Preiscrizione stamped by the Italian Embassy back home.
    ☐ filename: 42-yourfamilyname-stamped-preiscrizione.pdf
  4. Codice Fiscale.
    ☐ filename: 43-yourfamilyname-codicefiscale.pdf
  5. Permesso di Soggiorno application at Poste: scan the receipts and schedule given you.
    ☐ filename: 44-yourfamilyname-poste.pdf
  6. Tessera Sanitaria.
    ☐ filename: 45-yourfamilyname-sanitaria.pdf
  7. Certificato d’Iscrizione (not the pre-iscrizione) from the University. Ask the Rector for a letter of request to the University. Bring it to the University, along with a copy of your Passport’s data page, Visa, original Transcript of Records and Diplomae (if any). Some universities require payment before issuing.
    ☐ filename: 46-yourfamilyname-iscrizione.pdf
  8. Usually by September: the Permesso di Soggiorno (card) may be retrieved from the Questura.
    ☐ filename: 47-yourfamilyname-soggiorno.pdf
  9. By September: Celebret
    ☐ filename: 48-yourfamilyname-celebret.pdf