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Oratory (first floor)


  • chausable and stole sets = one of each color (which are not sets with other chausables)
  • chausable albs = three medium size
  • stoles = around five of each color, which are preferably not sets with those used in the Crypt (so as not to subtract from the latter sets)


  • one each of: chalice, paten, ampules (for wine and water), lavabo
  • candles: two angels (do not light their candles), and two oil lamps (for daily use)
  • monstrance with big Host inside the tabernacle


  • Sacramentary and Lectionaries in: English, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish

Hosts, Wine and Water

  • big hosts (no need for small hosts so as not to keep them unused for a long time, as lay people seldom join)
  • put extra wine and water bottles
  • water from the faucet is also potable


  • several sets in use of purificators, finger towels (and container for used items)
  • one each of corporal, pall and small hand towl by the faucet
  • spare of the above kept in boxes at uppermost shelf


  • clean window sills of dust
  • when not in use, cover electric fan with plastic, and put behind door when opened
  • when not in use, keep portable heater inside cabinet


  • individual celebrants kindly make sure they finish by 6:30 a.m. or 6:30 p.m., so concelebrations may start
  • Masses may be celebrated even if someone is doing personal prayer in the oratory, and vice versa
  • assign a concrete celebrant to change the big Host in the monstrance every week
  • Tabernacle key is kept in its box, and inside the cabinet
  • Refill receptacle of Holy Water outside door
  • keep a spare lighter inside the cabinet; depleted lighter may be placed in box for used linen, to indicate that a new lighter should be brought