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Other Donations

1. Estate Donation (Last Will And Testament)

Including institutions in one’s Last Will and Testament, while relatively new in the Philippines, is quite common in the US and other countries.

You may indicate the Collegio as a beneficiary of your estate, either while you are still living (the Collegio receiving a share of your regular income or investment proceeds) and/or after (as part of your Last Will and Testament).

2. Lending funds for an extended number of years.

You may opt to lend your money to the Trust Fund maintained for the Collegio, so that its interest could be used for our operations. The amount and number of years it would be locked in depend on your preferences.

You may also eventually decide to donate such an amount completely to the Collegio, for example if you no longer need it, or as part of your Last Will and Testament arrangement.

Please contact us if you wish to help the Collegio.