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Recreation Hall and Kanto Rooms

  1. The Recreation Hall and Kanto rooms are located on the ground floor’s right wing, along with the TV room and the meeting room. Between the two Kanto rooms is a kitchenette.
  2. They are intended for the Collegio Priests’ study sessions, meetings, relaxation and other activities. The Filipino word “kanto” is derived from “canto” in Spanish which may mean “corner”, “song / chant”, “(the) singing” or “I sing”.
  3. In terms of day to day food supply, additional implements, order, cleanliness and garbage disposal, these areas are maintained by the Collegio Priests. The Administration will ask the Collegio staff to help once in a while, on an extraordinary basis (except for dusting and mopping, which will be done regularly by the staff).
  4. As required by Italian law, kindly use transparent or semi-transparent garbage bags (including shopping bags), segregating as much as possible. Please do not throw trash directly into garbage bins without plastic bags, otherwise someone else would clean them well later with soap and water. Garbage bags that are full, contain quickly rotting items, or prone to infestation may be kindly brought to the kitchen garbage bins (during meal times) or first floor landing garbage bins immediately.
  5. Non-Collegio Priests may also be invited to these areas. Non-clergy guests may instead be invited to the visitors’ lounge (the first room to the right in the office area). Outsider groups (for example, Filipino Communities’s recollection with lunch) may use the lobby, reserving the use of the Recreation Hall, Kanto Rooms and TV room for Priests.