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C. Socials Commission Tasks

1. From the Council of Co-Responsibles Manual

a. As a team they animate community life.

b. It plans and implements creative and wholesome entertainment programs for the Community, e.g. Welcome Dinner, Kanto, film showing, parties, Collegio Day, and Pamana Night. It assigns emcees for these events.

c. Spearheads the decorations of the Collegio during important seasons and celebrations.

d. Prepares greeting cards for birthday and anniversary celebrants.

e. Presents and takes charge of the sports program for the academic year, including regular sports, Rector’s Cup, invitational games, winter indoor games, and procurement of PCF uniforms and awards for tournament winners.

f. Takes constant stock of and maintains the good condition of sports facilities and equipment.

g. Informs Administration of the health of the members of the Community.

h. Assists sick residents, by helping them administer their medicine and providing special meals in coordination with the kitchen staff. If necessary, accompanies them to the doctor or coordinates turns for visits to brothers in the hospital.

i. Maintains and updates the medicine cabinet and first aid kit.

j. Assists the Administration in offering hospitality to visitors and non-residents.

2. Major sub-roles (one or more Priests per item, other than the Commission Head)

a. Plan and implement celebrations and programs, requesting the help of others

b. Animate monthly celebration of birthdays and anniversaries

c. Greeting cards for birthdays and anniversaries; annual directory and community picture; frames of Alumni Bishops

d. Decorations for special seasons and occasions

e. Sports program for the academic year; care for sports facilities, workout gym, rec hall sports and other equipment

f. Hospitality to visitors and non-residents

g. Maintain medicine cabinet

h. Per wing: coordinate care for the sick
i. assign turns to bring food and other needs
ii. accompany to the doctor
iii. assign turns to visit in the hospital

3. Coordinate with other Commissions during special occasions

a. request Temporal: venue, decoration, equipment

4. Inventory