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D. Temporalities Commission Tasks

1. From the Council of Co-Responsibles Manual

a. As a team they prepare the venue for conferences and events, including chairs and the sound-system, computers, LCD projector, etc.
b. Spearheads the restoration and cleanliness of the venue after each event.
c. Calls the attention of the Community in matters pertaining to maintenance, cleanliness, and orderliness of the premises.
d. Oversees the proper storage and functioning of sound system, LCD projector and other equipment, and informs the Administrators of the conditions of these items.

2. Major sub-roles (one or more Priests per item, other than the Commission Head)

a. Prepare venues for celebrations, programs, conferences, etc.
i. preparation of chairs, tables, garbage bins, cleaning implements…
ii. restoration and cleanliness after each activity, even requesting the audience to at least stack the chairs and bring them to storage area

b. Maintain sound system, computers, LCD projector, etc., and prepare them for use when needed

c. Maintain library computer, photocopier-printer (requesting Porter to call technician if needed)

d. Maintain television sets, DVD players, TFC, Sky cable receiver, remote controls, amplifiers, speakers, etc., and secure Videoke, microphones, cables, etc.

e. Maintain the pianos (which should not be moved, as doing so would require professional tuning after), organs, guitars, beatbox and other instruments, coordinating with the Worship Commission as needed.

f. General upkeep of premises, making reminders as needed

g. Maintain order in frequently used common areas such as the TV room, Rec Hall, Visitors’ Parlor, Lobby, Kanto, etc.

  • put back chairs, tables, other furniture, decorations such as frames and other objects, etc.
  • switching off unneeded lights, electric fans, etc.
  • facilitate and help follow up requests for repairs
  • 3. Coordinate with other Commissions during special occasions

g. Since retreat houses usually just provide meals, it is suggested that the Temporalities Commission bring snacks to the annual retreat. Perhaps those on vacation could be asked to bring snacks as pasalubong.

4. Inventory