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V. Cleaner

A. Reports to the Procurator, as well as to the Sisters.

B. Job Description

1. In general:
a. Cleans the areas assigned by the Administrators and Sisters.
b. Food preparation
c. Dishwashing
d. Helping the Sisters with heavy work
e. Ordinary and extraordinary repairs
f. Gardening
g. Ground maintenance
h. Throws the trash of the kitchen.
i. Substitutes for the Refectorian on Tuesday whole day and Saturday afternoon, and for the cook on Thursday afternoons.

2. Rooms for guests
a. Includes cleaning the room and bathroom, disposing trash, and putting fresh linens and soap.
b. If needed, put an extra bed, electric fan or heater.
c. For guest rooms not in use, close the heaters, and open them only the day before guests come.
d. To close the bidet hose: close the wall lever of the bidet first, then press the showerhead lever to release the pressure. Releasing the pressure this way will prolong the rubber tube’s life.
e. In guest rooms with individual water heater in the bathroom, be sure to switch it on at least 5 hours before the guest’s expected arrival, and to switch it off as soon as possible after the guest leaves.
f. For guest Bishops, put a laundry bag and snacks. Also put a small table outside the door, where letters, etc. could be left (in big rooms, keep this small table in the outer room, so it could be easily brought out if a guest Bishop comes).

3. Notes in general
a. Furniture should be kept away from walls, to avoid scratches.
b. When cleaning furniture close to the wall (for example, a desk), care should be taken not to rub the cleaning instrument against the wall, to avoid damaging the wall’s paint.
c. Inform the Procurator of any repairs needed: damaged furniture, scratches, leaks, missing items (mirrors, toilet seat covers, knobs, etc.), stuck window blinds, doors touching the floor, etc.
d. Take care to remove dust and cobwebs as well, especially in the heater radiators, ceiling, under the furniture, toilet exhaust vent, glass door dividers horizontal surfaces, etc.
e. Cleaning materials should be cleaned and returned to their proper places immediately. Do not leave anything on the corridors or in other areas cleaned.
f. Clean the vacuum cleaner bags regularly.

C. Focus Areas by Day (for review)

1. Wednesday Morning
a. Corridors of all floors (vacuum, and them mop) except ground floor.
i. Including Chapel (room 130), laundry room and bathroom (115).
ii. Main stairwell. To clean the paintings between the first and second floors, and between the second and third floors, use a feather duster with an extended handle to gently remove the dust from the frame, starting from above. Be very careful when dusting the painting itself: use the feather duster with a downward motion, very lightly touching the paintings, taking care that the stiff parts of the feather duster do not touch the paintings.
iii. Wing dividers and window’s glass and frames.
b. Disposes and disinfects garbage from trash bins outside the first floor.
c. Cleans the area outside the Chapel Choir Loft, including the drains.

2. Thursday Morning
a. Main Chapel
i. Includes cleaning the Main Chapel’s Sacristy and the Choir Loft.
ii. The things inside the Choir Loft should be kept orderly.

3. Saturday Morning
a. Crypt
i. To clean the Retablo, altar and lectern set, use only a feather duster to gently remove the dust. Never use cloth or other material, or cleaning liquids, as they cause the varnish to deteriorate.
ii. The Crypt cleaner also cleans the landing of the stairs outside the Crypt.
b. Library
i. Includes cleaning the corridor leading to the library.

4. Once a month
a. Ground cleaning with the Porter
b. Roof decks (third and fourth floors, landings outside laundry and Choir Loft.
i. Remove weeds every month.
ii. Clear downspouts (without inserting the trash into them) every month.