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V. Library

1. On the occasion of the Collegio’s 40th anniversary, the Library was dedicated to Blessed Pope JOHN XXIII on 5 June 2001 in the presence of His Eminence Cardinal RICARDO J. VIDAL, Archbishop of Cebu and Chairman of the CBCP Commission on the Collegio. This open-shelf library is open the whole day. When it comes to the number of books and periodicals in all the Ecclesiastical fields, or how complete and recent they are, our humble library does not needlessly attempt to replicate the libraries of the Pontifical Universities, to which students have easy access. The plan, on the other hand, is to offer the basic references, and focus a bit more on the Filipiniana section, which not may universities in Europe have much to offer.

2. On who may use the library
a. The following are entitled to consult the library and borrow books: Resident priests, Religious staff and Lay personnel.
b. The following may consult the library but not borrow books: Guests and Pilgrims
c. Those not covered by the previous may consult the library only with the permission of the Librarian.

3. The Library has the following resources:
a. Books: Reference books, Filipiniana, Theses, Thesinæ, and Other books.
b. Periodicals: Bound and Unbound.
c. Computer: with internet and electronic resources in the form of DVD’s.
d. Wireless internet (also present in the lobby and recreation hall areas).

4. On the use of the resources of the library
a. All books, except reference books, may be borrowed:
i. To borrow a book, write your name, the title of the book borrowed and the date on the library logbook.
ii. To return a borrowed book, return it to its original position on the shelf and note on the library logbook the date the book is returned.
b. All reference books and all periodicals, whether bound or unbound, may not be borrowed nor taken out of the library.
c. All electronic resources placed in the library computer room may not be borrowed nor taken out of the same room.

5. Other guidelines:
a. Please maintain silence in the library to allow others to focus on their own work.
i. Kindly set your cellphone and ringtones to silent or vibration mode.
ii. Conversations, including telephone and internet calls, should be done outside the library.
iii. Use earphones when watching educational videos or listening to soundtracks.
b. Eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in the library.
c. Return all books, periodicals and other resources to their proper places at the end of your study period for the day. This is out of consideration for others who wish to use the books as well.

6. A photocopier cum printer is located in the library. Ask the Procurator for the price of each A4 and A3 sheet.
a. Requests for a personal pre-paid photocopy card or reloads may be done though the Procurator. Standard load is €20. Kindly return the card when leaving the Collegio definitively.
b. Please use only the paper provided in the photocopier. Other brands, thicknesses, and textures may cause frequent paper jams.