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Vatican Bank – for Students’ Board and Lodging and Donations for Collegio

1. To make a bank transfer from any country:


  • BANK NAME: Istituto per Opere di Religione
  • ADDRESS: Cortile Sisto V, 00120 Vatican City
  • TELEPHONE: +39 06 6988 9388
  • FOR HELP: call +39 06 6988 9388
  • FOR HELP: email <segreteria @ ior . va> (remove the spaces)


  • ACCOUNT NAME: Pontificio Collegio Filippino
  • ADDRESS: Via Aurelia 490 – 00165 Rome – Italy
  • TELEPHONE: +39 (06) 3936 6461
  • IBAN: VA 9600 1000 0000 1178 4003
  • PUT IN NOTE: purpose of the donation (board and lodging of Fr. Juan de la Cruz, donation for Collegio Filippino, etc.)

2. For transfers from a Vatican Bank Account to the Collegio’s, ask for a “giroconto” to:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: Pontificio Collegio Filippino
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 1178 4003
  • CASUALE: vito e alloggio per [put the period for which you are paying, for example: ottobre 2022 a giugno 2023]

Detailed Instructions for the giroconto:

Doing this “giro” (internal fund transfer) is the best way to pay your board and lodging dues. You need not carry big cash around, and Collegio accounting will be more streamlined.

  1. Print out this “GIRO” form containing the basic Collegio information. Add the AMOUNT you are transferring (in numbers and letters), your name, your IOR account number, and your account currency (usually EUR). At the bottom, put your telephone number, email, date and signature.
  2. Make a second copy (either another printout or just a photocopy). On the second copy’s top left, crush out “per l’Istituto/copy for the Institute”, and replace it with your name.
  3. Bring the completed forms to the bank teller to do the operation. Show the second form, saying “per favore mettere la Sua firma e la data”. This is for your files.
  4. The teller will ask you to sign a transaction sheet, and will give you a copy of the sheet you signed.
  5. Submit a copy of the sheet from the teller (previous paragraph) to the Collegio Economus, so he can issue a receipt for your payment.
  6. As an alternative, instead of bringing the sheet to the IOR, just scan and email it along with your valid passport to:
    Segreteria Amministrativa <segreteria @ ior . va>
    (no spaces), with the following request:
    “Dear Sirs,
    I wish to ask your office to kindly process the attached request for a fund transfer from my account to the Pontificio Collegio Filippino.
    Thank you very much.
    [YOUR NAME]”


  1. For items other than board and lodging (such as tuition fees, medical insurance, book or personal allowances, etc.), please ask your benefactors to kindly send you the funds directly, rather than pass through Collegio‘s account. Just substitute the RECIPIENT INFORMATION with your own Account Name, telephone and IBAN (IOR informed you of your IBAN; or just ask them). The BANK INFORMATION remains the same.
  2. If benefactors plan to send board and lodging together with tuition, pocket money, etc., please ask them to send to your account — after which you can transfer to the Collegio only what corresponds to the Collegio (board and lodging and whatever other amount owed to the Collegio).
  3. But if the funding agency requires sending all funds to the Collegio (rather than to the Priest), then they may also follow the procedures above.
  4. As for the tuition fees, best would be if you could pay the Universities directly (individually or together with other schoolmates), without having to involve the Collegio in this operation. This would be more streamlined, avoiding unnecessary steps. If needed, the Collegio Rector will inform the University that this is our preferred method, and anyway they will be receiving the same amount.
  5. “Vatican Bank” is just a nickname; the official name is “Istituto per Opere di Religione” (or “IOR”).
  6. Please ask your bank to convert your fund transfer into EUROS (not US Dollars!!!) even if you deposit in any other currency. Our bank account is in Euros.