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Things to bring for each student applicant

  1. Pre-iscrizione from the University
  2. Rector’s Dichiara addressed to the Italian Embassy
  3. Photocopy (not the original) of the Bishop’s letter to the University or PCF endorsing his priest
  4. Money to pay the fees: around €20 per applicant
  5. If necessary: envelope with the applicant as addressee, for mailing.

What to do at the Vatican offices

  1. Congregazione per l’Educazione Cattolica
    • Ask for a vidimazione on the Pre-iscrizione
    • Pay fee at the porter
  2. Congregazione per il Clero
    • Ask for a vidimazione on the PCF Rector’s Dichiara
    • Pay fee at the porter
  3. Post Office of the Vatican (not of Italy) near the columnade where pilgrims undergo security check:
    • Show the Bishop’s letter, which will not be returned.
    • Show the Pre-iscrizione and the Dichiara, both of which will be stamped and signed. The stamp mark will be laminated with a small plastic.
    • Pay the fee at the Post Office counter, then get the Pre-iscrizione and Dichiara originals.

Coming back from the Vatican

  1. Return the documents, receipts, change, etc. to the Rector.
  2. Email the pictures of the documents to the Rector.

If sending via DHL at the Vatican’s Ufficio Merci:

  1. Bring a letter from the Rector addressed to the Ufficio Merce, to send via DHL
  2. Bring an envelope with addressee, where the Pre-iscrizione and Dichiara will be inserted and sent (after vidimazione).
  3. After the vidimizione at the Vatican Post Office:
    • Take a clear picture of each Pre-iscrizione and Dichiara stamped at the Post Office. Make sure to take a picture of the back pages if some of the the vidimazioni were placed there.
    • Insert the documents into the corresponding prepared envelope(s): one per student if the addresses are different, or all together in one envelope if they are mailed as a group.
  4. Leave the envelope(s) at the Ufficio Merce, along with the Rector’s letter addressed to the Ufficio Merce. There is nothing to pay there.