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VII. Laundry

1. Every Sunday morning to Tuesday 1:00 p.m., you may bring your clothes to the laundry room for washing, with the exception of socks, briefs, boxer shorts and clothes for dry-cleaning (e.g., coats). To avoid overburdening the Sisters, please try to limit the amount of your dirty clothes.

2. Kindly segregate the light colored from the dark colored clothes, as indicated in the place where they are dropped.

3. For those who wish to avail of ironing services of clothes they themselves wash, you may leave them at the indicated area on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

4. Bed sheets, bed covers, pillow cases and albs are washed every two weeks.

5. Woolen blankets and comforters are washed only in summer.

6. Please claim your clean clothes regularly, to avoid overcrowding the laundry boxes.

7. Please mark your clothes with your initials. Unnumbered clothes will be regularly displayed for claiming. Clothes not claimed for a month will be considered common property and may be donated to the poor.

8. To facilitate our staff’s work, these schedules are strictly observed, and the laundry area is strictly off limits. Laundry services are suspended during the months of July and August.