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Visa First Year Validity

Notes on the “motivo studio” visa valid for 365 days:

  • the student has to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno within 8 days of entry into Italy (or right after quarantine if required)
  • the Type D “Nazionali” visa issued by the Italian Embassy , even though “Italia” is written on it, is valid for the Schengen area; hence, in case the Permesso di Soggiorno has not yet been obtained, as long as the visa is still valid, a student may visit another Schengen country for at most 3 months in any 6-month period ( see notes from Esteri and University of Trento) – for example, if he has already been in Italy for 7 months and unfortunately has no Permesso di Soggiorno yet due to some delay
  • (the situation is not be the same with tourist visas, where they can only stay in Schengen for 3 months in any given 6-month period, even though their tourist visa is valid for several years)