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Votive Candles Posting

  1. At the Windows desktop, delete EventPurchaseList.xls and if present, any other EventPurchaseList (1).xls, EventPurchaseList (2).xls, etc.
  2. If the Donorview page did not open, double click the Donorview icon and sign in if needed.
  3. In Events-Summary
    • at left, select Filter Name >Votive Candles
    • click on Actions >Export to Excel
    • close Donorview
  4. Back to the desktop, double click on EventPurchaseList.xls
    • click and drag mouse from A2 to E2 to select those cells
    • Ctrl-Space to select till last row
    • Ctrl-C to copy
    • close the Excel file
  5. Back to the desktop, double click on the Paste Intentions macro.
    • Yes to delete records
    • (But if it says “The command or action ‘DeleteRecord’ isn’t available“, click OK and Stop All Macros, and click on * on first row.)
    • Ctrl-V, and “Yes” to paste records
  6. At left, double click PUBLISH intentions macro
    • Click Yes when asked to replace existing files.
    • Notepad opens a file named INTENTIONS.txt. Remove extra spaces and line breaks, then Close and Save
  7. Switch on TV screen and select HDMI as source
  8. Mirror Chapel Tablet.
    • Pull down from top of Tablet >Play to
    • tap on SBWD
  9. Open Elegant Teleprompter.
    • Close the current document by tapping on the left arrow at the upper left twice and Discard changes.
    • Click on the Plus sign on the lower right, then Import Text from Recent.
    • Tap on the newest intentions.txt
    • Tap on preview and the play button. Tapanywhere on the screen to make the play button disappear.