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A. Worship Commission Tasks

1. From the Council of Co-Responsibles Manual

a. As a team this is in-charge of all the Liturgical and Paraliturgical-spiritual celebrations of the PCF Community, in coordination with the Spiritual Director.

b. Assists in the over-all needs of the Crypta and the Main Oratory.

c. Plans and implements meaningful liturgical and spiritual events to foster and enhance priestly spiritual life of the community.

d. It makes the monthly schedule of Mass presiders in the PCF and nearby convents.

e. Assigns priests to hear confessions before Masses, when the occasion calls for it.

f. Prepares songs for Eucharistic celebrations, Benediction, and other special occasions when music is called for.

g. Conducts regular community music practice.

h. Takes charge of the inventory of instruments, books and other materials for the celebrations, and the distribution of liturgical music books.

2. Major sub-roles (one or more Priests per item, other than the Commission Head)

a.        Liturgy
i.         plan daily liturgy, Feasts, Solemnities, Celebration of Seasons
ii.       assign Confessors during special occasions

b.       Encourage more dignified celebrations among all, for example:
i.         Mass main celebrant requests two concelebrants to accompany and assist him
ii.       Concelebrants pronounce the words sotto voce, so the Main Celebrant’s voice is heard
iii.     server in Benediction kindly use alb
iv.      request non-concelebrating photographers so concelebrants can focus on Mass
v.        reserve pews for lay guests at the back, to distinguish area from Priest concelebrants at the front
vi.      encourage all to spontaneously lead Rosary and Vespers at least once a week, to lessen waiting time
vii.    remind Priests to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before Mass (especially in outside convents, as the Sisters easily worry, and have tight schedules after Mass) to be recollected in preparation for the celebration, and not to be late for the day’s greatest appointment
viii.  help put back the Chapel in order by bringing song sheets, Via Crucis booklets, monstrance, stoles, humeral veil, etc., back to their storage area
ix.      limit daily homilies to 5-7 minutes, so as not to unduly extend the Mass

c.        Music
i.         assign instrumentalists for daily music, not necessarily members of this Commission
ii.       musicians kindly prepare beforehand, to focus better during Mass
iii.     songs and music on Sundays c/o Sisters
iv.      coordinate community music practice, including Italian songs

d.       Schedule Masses for PCF and nearby convents
i.         prepare monthly schedules ahead of time, prioritizing birthday and anniversary celebrants in assigning PCF Masses
ii.       considering that Filipinos normally have outside communities, Sunday PCF celebrants can be coordinated by non-Filipinos
iii.     send sms reminders using Appointfix app; receive from Convents special instructions (change of schedules, etc.), monthly stipends for distribution by the Treasurer, and telephone calls or sms in case a Priest arrives late or does not arrive, so that their Mass could be rescheduled

e.        Coordinate monthly recollections and annual retreats
i.         post schedules, topics, programs
ii.       request different Priests to take charge of: assisting speaker in general, live music for sessions or celebrations, recorded music for meals, sound system, projector, photocopies
iii.     request different Priests (coordinating with the retreat house) to take charge of: stoles, cope, humeral veil and other vestments; liturgical and song books
iv.      for retreats, a tentative distribution of the above tasks should be initiated in June, since there might not be enough time after the summer break

f.         Assist in over-all needs and inventory of PCF Chapels

3. Coordinate with other Commissions during special occasions

a.        request Education: photos and videos

b.       request Social: welcome special guests if any

c.        request Temporalities: decorations, equipment, etc.

d.       request Pastoral: invitation of Filipino communities

4. Inventory