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Xerox WorkCentre 7225 Printer Copier Scanner

To print from the Lobby computer

  1. In the lobby computer, open your file (for example, previously sent via email; best if in pdf format) using the usual program, and proceed to print as usual, selecting Xerox.
  2. Enter your User Id when asked, and select “Charge me” as accounting method.
  3. After printing, be sure to remove your User Id, otherwise others may print using your account. To do this, proceed to print again, but instead of putting your User ID, press random buttons, then print. This will not allow printing but remove your User ID.
  4. Be sure to log out from your email if you opened it.
  5. NOTE: you may also print from own computer connected to the PCF26 Library wifi (but not the Kaibigan Lobby wifi) or from the meeting room (in front of Sisters’ Office) but connecting with LAN cable. Just select Xerox as your printer.
  6. NOTE: if a message appears stating that “Resources required to print”, it means that the paper you selected is not available in the Tray selected. Make sure to select the correct paper format (which has precedence over the Tray number, which in turn may normally simply be disregarded).

Individual User Setup

  1. Ask the Administrator to set up your User ID, receive your payment and set your counters for black and white and colored prints or copies.
  2. To print using one’s own computer:
    • connect to the same network as Xerox
    • search and install the Xerox printer, as you would install any other new printer
    • print as with any normal printer, but putting your User ID when asked (as to Account Type, leave at Default Group Account)
    • if the above does not work, download the driver from here and install.
  3. To print from the lobby computer:
    • press the Win button and type “Printers”, then Enter
    • Click on “Xerox” >Open queue”. If there is any pending job (it was abandoned by others), right click on it to cancel. Make sure it disappears, otherwise it will be printed using your load.
    • open and print your document as usual, using Xerox as printer and putting your User ID when asked (as to Account Type, leave at Default Group Account)
    • when done, print again, but putting a fake user ID when asked; this will not print but unregister you User ID (otherwise your load credit can be consumed by the next users)
  4. To photocopy: on the Xerox screen, press Copy and put your User ID when asked, then press the green switch to begin actual copy.
    • Make sure the Xerox is not covered with cloth or sheets, as the sensors might be confused.
    • If Xerox was used in the past few minutes, press the upper left Home button to show the Copy button. If another’s name appears on the upper right of the Xerox display, log that other person out first.
    • *** After use, BE SURE TO LOG OUT, otherwise others can consume your load credit (press your User ID on the screen’s top left and the LOG OUT). ****
    • If your name still appears on the upper right of the Xerox display, it means you have not logged out yet.
  5. To Scan books or loose pages for free (on document glass or feeder, from/to back to back, black and white or colored, and formats such as Searchable, PDF, PDF Archival, XPS or TIFF): ask an expert or study the user guide (basic scanning on pp. 128-130, advanced options pp. 137-139 and to your USB flash drive p. 143).

Administrator Setup

  1. Install driver in computer.
  2. Access Xerox via IP address with Username and Password (when a tab is clicked).
  3. In >Properties >Login / Permissions / Accounting
    • >Login Methods: disregard
    • >User Permissions: disregard
    • >Device User Database >Add new User:
      • User Name (also known as User ID; asked when printing or copying) and Password (not normally asked) could be 1 to 62 letters or numbers, and should be easy to type using the Xerox keypad and kept secret
      • Friendly Name (appears on Xerox display at upper right; not normally asked) could be one’s family name
      • Permission Roles should usually be “Normal”, never Administrator
    • >Accounting Methods >Users & Limits: to edit each User, including number of prints or copies in color or black and white, and each user’s Group Account
    • >Accounting Methods >Group and General Accounts: may be omitted, as new users default to PCF; use to add users to each Group Account, and in such cases use only Group Accounts, not General Accounts)
  4. Do not confuse Permission Roles (allowed and disallowed functions, schedules, etc.) and Group Accounts (for printing counters).