Cambio di Residenza

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For those who transferred residence, you will be required to make a “Cambio di Residenza” by certain offices – for example, to apply for or renew your Tessera Sanitaria. This is also the case if when you first applied for the Codice Fiscale, the address encoded was your home country address rather that your Rome address (for example, because you still did not have a Permesso di Soggiorno then).

  1. Ask from the Rector a certificate stating that you are a member of the Collegio’s comunity.
  2. Download and fill up the Cambio di Residenza form.
  3. Email that certificate, along with your scanned valid Permesso di Soggiorno and passport, to the corresponding Comune di Roma email: (They will not honor an expired Permesso di Soggiorno, even if you have already done the fingerprinting.)
  4. Wait for their reply and further instructions. More information from the Comune di Roma website: