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To scan using the Ricoh Aficio MP 2000 photocopier / printer / scanner

  1. Switch on the library computer. Password is the same as the password hint.
  2. Press the scanner button (below the photocopy button, which is usually lighted).
  3. Below the LCD display, press the button corresponding to “Dest.” (destination).
  4. Press OK (for SMB).
  5. OK (inserimento manuale)
  6. Inserire percorso: library\scan, then press OK
  7. Inserire nome utente: library, then press OK
  8. Inserire password: [same as library computer password], then press OK.
  9. Press the button under “Test comm.”. It should read “riuscita”, meaning, successful.
  10. Press the back button under “Esci”. The large green button should be lighted green. Press that green button to start scanning. (sheets may be placed on the automatic feeder, or on the flat bed.)
  11. Your files are in the shared “Scan” folder in the thawspace.