Votive Candles Posting

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  1. Delete EventPurchaseList.xls.
  2. If the Donorview page did not open, double click the Donorview icon.
  3. Sign in to the Donorview page, that opens to Events-Summary
    • click on Actions >Export to Excel
    • close Donorview
  4. At the desktop, double click on EventPurchaseList.xls
    • click and drag mouse from A2 to E2 to select those cells
    • Ctrl-Shift-Down Arrow to select till last row
    • Ctrl-C to copy
    • close the Excel file
  5. At the desktop, double click on the Paste Intentions macro.
    • Yes to delete records
    • (But if it says “The command or action ‘DeleteRecord’ isn’t available“, click OK and Stop All Macros, and click on * on first row.)
    • Ctrl-V, and “Yes” to paste records
  6. At left, double click PUBLISH intentions macro
    • Click Yes when asked to replace existing files.
    • Notepad opens a file named INTENTIONS.txt. Remove extra spaces and line breaks, then Close and Save
  7. Mirror Chapel Tablet to TV screen.
  8. Open Parrot Teleprompter.
    • Tap on the gear on the lower right to open settings.
    • On the top left, tap “Sync with Dropbox“. Font and scroll speed can also be adjusted here.
    • Tap the play button.