Votive Candles Posting

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  1. To update Votive Candles intentions
    • in the computer desktop, delete EventPurchaseList.xls file
    • open Donorview
    • click on Favorites >Events, then Actions >Export to Excel
    • close Donorview
  2. At the desktop, double click on EventPurchaseList.xls
    • widen the first column to see dates
    • select A2 to E2
    • Ctrl -Shift-Down Arrow to select till last row
    • Ctrl-C to copy.
  3. At the desktop, double click on the Copy Intentions macro.
    • Yes to delete records. (But if “The command or action ‘DeleteRecord’ isn’t available”, click OK and Stop All Macros, and click on * on first rowe)
    • Ctrl-V, and “Yes” to paste records
  4. At left, double click intentions macro
    • Click yes when asked to replace existing files.
    • Check and then close the pdf file that appears.
    • Also close the Excel file, without saving anything.
  5. On the Chapel’s tablet, if INTENTIONS.pdf is already open, tap on the back arrow to close it, swipe down to refresh Google Drive, then Open INTENTIONS.pdf again.
    • Otherwise, go to Home, tap on OneDrive, and in Documents >Intentions folder, open INTENTIONS.pdf.
    • If part of the document is blurred, restart the tablet and reconnect with TV as usual (via ScreenBeam).