Vatican: Relics

Relics of Saints have to be requested directly from the Vicariate of Rome, and cannot be ordered through the Collegio. Relics may be ordered using the Diocese’s original letterhead, with the Bishop’s or Chancellor’s signature and seal, by writing:The Director of the Liturgical OfficeVicariate of RomePiazza San Giovanni in Laterano 6A00184 Rome – ITALY

  • Indicate that the relic will be used for public veneration, and the parish where it will be venerated and conserved.
  • Relics are not for sale, though a donation of some €20 is requested per relic container.
  • Note that there are no relics available of saints before the 6th century, or of the Holy Cross. Relics of different saints may not be placed together in the same relic container, unless the saints are liturgically celebrated together.
  • One may not order many relics for the same parish.
  • Processing could take more than two months due to the stringent requirements; hence it would be best to make the request as early as possible.
  • The Vicariate Office will send the relic to the requesting Bishop through the Papal Nuncio.