Ways to make your Love Offerings

Ways to Make your Love Offering

A US tax-deductible receipt will be automatically emailed to you. Please indicate your cellphone number, and kindly consider making a monthly (recurring) donation too.
Best for larger donations, to save on credit card fees. Please always inform us of your donation, email and cellphone number, so you can be sent a US tax-deductible receipt. Please consider making a recurring donation. Thank you!

Chase Bank

Deposit or transfer at any bank in the US to Chase Bank: Ask Chase Bank Teller to deposit in this account name: “Friends of the Collegio”

Zelle Transfer

friendsofthecollegio <at> gmail.com (kindly replace <at> with @)

Mailed Check

Kindly pay check to: “Friends of the Collegio”, and mail it to: Friends of the Collegio 1819 Ridgeview Ct. Dupont, WA 98327 USA

Combined Federal Campaign

“Friends of the Collegio” / CFC #53585 (CFC is for US Federal Employees and Organizations)

Combined Federal Drive

“Friends of the Collegio” / WA CFD Charity Code: 1482093
NOTE: we are still unable to issue a receipt to each donor using these GCash and BPI QR Codes.

BPI Deposit or Transfer Needing Acknowledgment Receipt

  • BPI Branch: Plaza Cervantes
  • Account name: Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila
  • In Pesos: BPI SA# 0053-2762-53
  • Indicate in deposit slip: “for Collegio Filippino” as well as the donor’s name, address, e-mail and cellphone number to receive an acknowledgment receipt.
  • Then kindly email to us the deposit slip.
  • (Please do not use the QR Code if you need an acknowledgment receipt.)

BPI Deposit or Transfer Not Needing Acknowledgment Receipt (also via the QR Code below)

  • BPI Branch: Plaza Cervantes
  • Account name: Pontificio Collegio Filippino
  • In Pesos: BPI SA# 0053-4128-23
  • Indicate in deposit slip: donor’s name, address, e-mail and celphone number.
  • Like in Masses and collection boxes, we will not issue a receipt for donations through this account.

Italian IBAN (in Euros)

Name / Nome:
Address / Indirizzo:
Via Aurelia 490
00165 Roma

Italian POST OFFICE account (in Euros)

Account Number / Numero Conto Corrente:
Name / Nome:
Address / Indirizzo:
Via Aurelia 490
00165 Roma
You may also fill up and print the Bolletino form here:

Mail us a Check

Kindly write a check for: “Pontificio Collegio Filippino” (“Collegio” with double “L”, and “Filippino” with double “P”) and mail it to: The Rector Pontificio Collegio Filippino Via Aurelia 490 00165 Rome, ITALY Please indicate your email and cellphone number as well. You will be sent a US tax-deductible receipt. For other countries, please check with your accountant if Friends of the Collegio receipt is also tax-deductible there.

Via Vatican Bank IBAN or Swift

  • BANK NAME: Istituto per Opere di Religione
  • ADDRESS: Cortile Sisto V, 00120 Vatican City
  • TELEPHONE: +39 06 6988 9388
  • FOR HELP: call +39 06 6988 9388 or email (remove the spaces).
  • NOTE: “Vatican Bank” is just a nickname; its official name is “Istituto per Opere di Religione” (or “IOR”)
  • ACCOUNT NAME: Pontificio Collegio Filippino
  • ADDRESS: Via Aurelia 490 – 00165 Rome – Italy
  • TELEPHONE: +39 (06) 3936 6461
  • IBAN: VA 9600 1000 0000 1178 4003
  • NOTE: Please ask your bank to convert your fund transfer into EUROS (not US Dollars!!!) even if you deposit in any other currency. Our Vatican Bank account is in Euros.