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05 May> Collegio Day

The “Collegio Day” is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. The Foundation Day actually falls on October 7, but since it is difficult to prepare for this feast right at the beginning of the first semester, we celebrate on May instead.

This celebration is also our way of thanking and appreciating all the different Filipino Communities, especially for their prayers and the help they extend to us.

Invited to the Collegio Day are all Filipino Communities, Priests, Religious, and even those not belonging to any community. They may bring their non-Filipino friends along.

Invitation letters are handcarried by Collegio Priests to the communities they celebrate Masses in. At the same time, the Collegio Rector sends an invitation letter to the Filipino Chaplain in Rome, requesting him to relay the invitation to all the communities. (Note that the Rector does not send an invitation letter directly to all the communities, out of deference to the Filipino Chaplain who has jurisdiction over them.)

There will be Triduum Masses at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, Friday and Saturday before Collegio Day, to which all are also invited.


  • 9:00 Catechesis
  • 10:30 Fiesta Mass
  • followed by Rosary procession and Floral Offering
  • Lunch led with a prayer.
  • Picture taking per Community, with Collegio Administrators and Spiritual Director.
  • 1:30 Program – presentations by the different Clusters, Youth, and a surprise number
  • 5:00 Home Sweet Home


  • You may kindly put your love offerings for the Collegio Filippino in an envelope, and drop them in the offertory basket during the Mass.
  • All may bring flowers to be offered to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage after the Rosary Procession.
  • Right after the floral offering, there will be a picture taking with all Collegio Priests, the Sentro Filippino Chaplain, other Priests and the Ambassadors. To be called by groups are each Cluster (one by one), guests from outside Rome, the Youth, and the Spisers. To save time, only the official camera of Collegio will be used, and the pictures will be made available for all via social networking.


  • Each Community please bring food for your own table or tent. All are encouraged to kindly share a menu for Collegio guests.
  • For peace and security reasons, and based on past bad experiences, no hard drinks are allowed inside the Collegio compound.
  • A bit of open fire for barbecue is allowed, but only in the designated area. Otherwise the hotel will complain and call the Police to interrupt our program.
  • The Collegio can lend 20 plastic tables and 100 plastic chairs. This can be divided into 4 tables and 20 chairs per Cluster. On Collegio Day itself, only one representative (to be decided per cluster, and who will leave his or her name and celphone number) will sign out and borrow the four tables and 20 chairs for the Cluster (not for each Community). The same representative will also kindly make sure that they are returned clean.
  • During or right after lunch, please submit your attendance sheet by community.

PROGRAM (c/o MC’s)

  • Presentation for the Program (after lunch) is one per Cluster, plus one by the Youth, plus a surprise number. The shows may be of a cultural type, and should be uplifting, as much as possible.
  • The Cluster with the highest attendance will get an award.
  • Announce: guest information (people looking for someone), lost and found, first aid station, Mass at 5 pm. for those who came late.
  • Remind towards the end: remove all trash (bring them to garbage bins beside Casa di Cura Pio XI gate: turn right at Via Aurelia, cross at first stoplight); kindly help your Cluster representative to clean and return tables and chairs; Mass at 5 pm. for those who came late.


  • Please bring enough garbage bags. Kindly help clean not only your tent surroundings, but other areas as well.
  • Comune di Roma garbage bins are located outside the Collegio: turn right as you go out the gate, walk a little, and cross the pedestrian lane (near the gate of Casa di Cura Pio XI). Please do not leave any garbage anywhere in the Collegio premises.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to cross Via Aurelia to throw your garbage at the other side: it is not only illegal, but also extremely dangerous, since cars and motorcycles pass at high speeds. If some garbage falls, or the garbage bag breaks, you could cause a serious traffic accident and deaths. The Collegio will not be responsible for any untoward incident.
  • The Cluster representative who borrowed the Collegio’s 4 plastic tables and 20 plastic chairs kindly return them clean. There will be a designated area with water and rugs to clean them well. Otherwise dirt and mud will fill the Collegio Main Chapel, where the chairs are also used.

PEACE AND ORDER will be maintained by the SPISERS

  • All are required to strictly follow their instructions.
  • On the Saturday before Collegio Day, SPISERS will allot areas for tents by Cluster. Communities of each Cluster please coordinate among yourselves, and decide how to set up your Cluster’s tent, which you may set up on that Saturday.
  • Parking on Collegio Day will be on a first come, first served basis, and only in areas designated by SPISERS. Each car must display on the windshield the Community name and name of driver on a half sheet of bond paper (make your own). The Collegio is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by parked vehicles.
  • The activities will be outdoors after the Mass, at which point the Collegio building will be closed for security reasons. Visitors who need to enter the building to see a Collegio resident will be asked by SPISERS to kindly contact the resident, who in turn will come to the lobby to let the visitor in. In case the resident cannot be contacted, the SPISERS will first ask the MC’s to page the resident. The SPISERS may also ask assistance from other residents to inform the person concerned.
  • All Collegio residents and Fiesta guests need to accompany their non-Filipino friends from the Collegio main gate. Otherwise the SPISERS will look for you, and ask you to meet them at the gate. (This is because in the past, non-Filipino gate crushers entered and presented some difficulties.)



  • Leaders of Communities served by Collegio Priests and SPISERS are invited on a Thursday in March or April, to request volunteers for the activities.
  • For the Triduum and Fiesta Masses: Choirs, Lectors and Commentators, Prayers of the Faithful readers, Offerers, Servers.
  • Choir and prayer leaders for the Rosary Procession.
  • Sound System for Rosary Procession and Program.
  • Decorations, which can be, for example, by clusters in front, three at the back.
  • Those present in this preparatory meeting are requested to kindly share these points with the other Communities of their respective Clusters.


  • Peace and order.
  • Layout for tents by Cluster and for parking.
  • Direct traffic and parking.
  • List car plate numbers, name of driver and name of Community.
  • Help look for persons or things by requesting MC to announce.
  • Assist anyone in need.

C/O COLLEGIO: Worship Commission

  • For Triduum and Collegio Day Masses: Main Celebrant, Concelebrants 1 and 2, and Prayer to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.
  • Rosary prayer leader before Triduum Masses.
  • Arrange Mass for SPISERS 7:30 a.m. of Collegio Day, since they will be roving during the Fiesta Mass itself.
  • Arrange Mass at 5:00 pm of Collegio Day, for those who came late.
  • Guide the Procession and Floral Offering. Guide the respective choirs.

C/O COLLEGIO: Education Commission

  • Assist the Speaker during the Catechesis.
  • Ring the bell and call the people to start Catechesis.
  • Photo and Video documentation (those who shoot during Triduum and Collegio Day Masses may please celebrate earlier, so as not to shoot while concelebrating), including picture taking during lunch with Communities, Spiritual Advisers and Collegio Administrators.

C/O COLLEGIO: Socials Commission

  • Help other Commissions in case needed.
  • Help MC’s and presenters during the program.
  • To the extent feasible, help welcome guests with no communities, invite them to eat with others.

C/O COLLEGIO: Temporalities Commission

  • Projector for Catechesis and Mass, monitor for lobby overflow.
  • Seal off corridor to toilets being renovated, as the divider might fall and cause injuries.
  • Set areas for (and label): barbecue, cleaning tables and chairs, tennis court for promotional materials (on tennis court; donations highly appreciated).
  • Make available 20 plastic chairs and 4 tables per Cluster representative. Make sure they are clean, and return them to the Main Chapel.
  • Assist in making sure garbage is disposed in the bins outside the Collegio (beside Casa di Cura Pio XI).

C/O COLLEGIO: Pastoral Commission

  • Invite Communities through the Sentro Filippino.
  • Prepare scratch paper (1/4 bond papers available at Portineria) and ballpens (ask Economus) for name of driver and of community, to be exhibited on the windshield.
  • First Aid Station: request Philippine Nurses Association, provide a place for them (dorm may be used in case someone faints), welcome them on Collegio Day, and visit them once in a while in case they need anything.


  • Assist in the preparation of Liturgies.
  • Old rags to clean plastic tables and chairs returned after the program by Cluster representatives who borrowed them.
  • Prepare food for Collegio guests. VIP’s normally prefer to roam around and mingle with the people, rather than sit on an exclusive table.

C/O COLLEGIO: Spiritual Director

  • Contact Catechesis speaker and Collegio Day Mass Main Celebrant.
  • Assist Worship, Education and Pastoral Commissions, and Second Years.

C/O COLLEGIO: Economus

  • Cut grass days ahead.
  • Rent Portalets.
  • Prepare envelopes for love offerings.
  • Prepare give-aways for Cluster with most attendees.
  • Announce to Collegio residents that Collegio Day lunch will be served outside, to lessen burden on our staff.
  • Assist Treasurer, Social and Temporalities Commissions, and Third Years and up.


  • Invite Communities through the Sentro Filippino, Priests and Religious, Ambassadors, Vicariato di Roma in charge of Migrantes, and other guests
  • To encourage participation, invitations to all Communities will be reiterated, and Collegio Priests will continuously encourage their Communities to join.

Minamahal naming mga Kapatid, mga Community Members at Leaders,

Nakikita natin na medyo umuulan ngayong araw sa Roma, at baka na rin bukas. Kaya marami ang nagtatanong kung anong gagawin natin para sa Collegio Day bukas.

Pinagususapan namin sa Collegio ang sitwasyon, dahil maari nga na lumakas pa ang ulan, at basang basa at maputik bukas sa labas, kung saan itatayo ang mga tolda, sa program, at ang parking areas. Subali’t baka naman ay biglang lumiwanag ang panahon mamaya at bukas, gaya ng nangyayari lagi halos taon-taon…

Kaya ang mga Clusters na baka gusto na mag ayos mamaya ng mga tolda, ay pwede nang dumating. Kung lumakas mamayang hapon ang ulan, pwede rin maghintay hanggang bukas at mag tayo ng tolda mga 7:30am, kung liliwanag nga ang panahon.

Ang stage backdrop naman ay pwede na ihanda mamaya ng ating Youth, para handa na bukas ikabit – sa labas man kung lumiwanag nga ang panahon, o dito sa lobby kung umulan.

Ang 9:00 am Catechesis at 10:30 am Mass ay gaganapin sa loob ng Main Chapel, kaya tuloy na tuloy na tuloy, rain or shine!

Kung hindi nga umulan bukas, sa labas ang prosesyon, lunch at program, as usual. Kung umulan naman bukas, dito sa loob ang lahat. Medyo masikip, subali’t siguro kakasya naman tayo. Sa ganoong paraan, magsasamasama pa rin tayo para magbigay pugay at magpasalamat kay Maria, and ating Ina ng Kapayapaan at Mabuting Paglalakbay…

Maraming, maraming salamat po sa inyong mga dasal at tulong sa ating mga kaparian!

Fr. Greg Gaston
Rector Pontificio
Collegio Filippino

p.s. – magbibgay kami ulit ng update mamayang hapon, mga 4 pm, para mas ma assess natin ang sitwasyon. Kaya po, abangan…

  • Follow-up message:

Minamahal naming mga Kapatid, Community Memberts and Leaders,

Salamat sa Diyos, sa Mahal na Ina, at sa ating mga dasal, sumisikat na naman ang araw sa Roma. Sa previsione naman, muhang pababa ang percentage ng ulan bukas, at lumilitaw na rin ang araw…

Sa Collegio naman ay marami na mga dumarating na na mga Clusters upang mag handa ng mga tolda.

At kung sakali man ay umulan bukas, ang Plan B pa rin natin ay gaganapin lahat sa loob ng building. Basta sa ngayon, ang dasal natin ay sana ngang patuloy na ang magandang lagay ng panahon, upang makapagganap tayo ng Prosesyon at programa sa labas bukas.

Special na pasasalamat na rin sa ating mga Youth, na ngayon mismo ay nagkakabit na ng stage backdrop sa labas, kung saan gaganapin ang program…

Muli po, grazie tante sa inyong lahat, at kita-kita tayo sa Collegio Day!


Fr. Greg Gaston
Pontificio Collegio Filippino

  • For those borrowing plastic chairs and tables:

Para sa mga Clusters na gustong humiram sa Collegio ng 4 PLASTIC TABLES at 20 PLASTIC CHAIRS (per Cluster):

1) Paki padala kay Fr. Greg Gaston 3887564552 ang pangalan, Community, at celfone ng isang Cluster in charge para sa tables at chairs.

(Kahit ang Cluster leaders na lamang please ang mag usap usap kung sino ang kanilang in charge.). Ang in charge ay sya na rin ang magsasauli ng plastic chairs at tables pagkatapos ng program.

Of course, ang ibang Cluster members naman ay paki tulongan na lang sya sa pag kuha, pag linis, at pag balik ng mga ito.

2) Ang 4 PLASTIC TABLES per Cluster ay pwede na kunin ng Cluster in charge ngayon, o bukas pwede rin. Paki send muna kay Fr. Greg 3887564552 ang pangalan, Community, at celfone niya.

3) Ang PLASTIC CHAIRS naman ay gagamitin muna sa Mass bukas. Mag ready na rin lang please ang Cluster in charge, at mga 4 na pwedeng tumulong sa kanya — para pagkatapos na pagkatapos ng Misa bukas, pag simula ng Prosesyon, a kukuha na sila ng 20 plastic chairs per cluster.

Maraming, maraming salamat po muli! Tuloy tayo sa pagdarasal para sa isang masaya at madasalin na Collegio Day!

Fr. Greg Gaston
Pontificio Collegio Filippino

p.s. – more details tungkol sa Collegio Day dito sa ating website:

  • Prepare thanksgiving message before final blessing of Fiesta Mass: Community members and leaders, those coming from outside Rome, Ambassadors (ask them for a short message), Collegio Staff and Volunteers, Sisters, Concelebrant Collegio and Guest Priests, Main Celebrant, Vicariato di Roma Migrantes in Charge (ask for brief message, and invitation to Festa dei Popoli), Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.
  • Assist Coordinator, Vice-Coordinator, Secretary, and First Years.
  • Oversee event preparation and execution.

NOTE: the above notes are common for all Collegio Days, which will be reviewed each year; on the other hand, the notes below are specific for each year, and may help as reference for future celebrations.


  • Celebrants and Concelebrants 1 and 2 for Triduum Masses: Graduating Priests
  • Celebrant for Collegio Day Mass: Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite SSP
  • Concelebrants 1 and 2 for Collegio Day Mass: to be arranged
  • Catechesis speaker: Fr. Andrew Recepcion
  • Choir for Thursday Triduum Mass: Collegio Filippino
  • Choir for Friday Triduum Mass: Collegio Filippino
  • Choir for Saturday Triduum Mass: Batangueños
  • Choir for Collegio Day Mass: Sacro Cuore
  • Choir for Rosary Procession: San Raffaelo Arcangelo-Trullo
  • Choir for Floral Offering: Pag-Ibig Kay Hesus
  • Collegio Day Mass Lectors: San Giovanni / Pag-ibig ni Hesus
  • Collegio Day Mass Commentators: Pag-ibig ni Hesus
  • Collegio Day Mass Prayers of the Faithful: Youth
  • Collegio Day Mass Offerers: Youth / Cluster heads
  • Collegio Day Mass Altar Servers: MIDES
  • Sound Systems for Rosary Procession and Program: San Raffaelo Arcangelo
  • Decorations in front: East and South Clusters
  • Decorations at the back: West, North and Center Clusters
  • Peace and Order: SPISERS

MAY 5,2019

-Mass: Sunday of the III wk. of Easter (C), Preface III of Easter,  Eucharistic Prayer III

-Chasubles for concelebrants are at the visitors’ room, which will also be the vesting area, including the lobby.

-Concelebrants are requested to join the entrance procession. At the sanctuary, your seats are on the left and right sides. Let us try to occupy the FRONT row FIRST, and then the BACK row. Kindly guide your guest priests also. The Holy Mass will proceed as usual.

-Right after the Solemn Blessing and Dismissal, will be our Marian Procession. For a smooth and orderly procession, concelebrants are requested to remain in the sanctuary, and follow after the lay faithful as they exit the church and join the procession, forming two parallel lines. The Holy Rosary will be prayed during the procession.

Please be guided. BUONA FESTA!!!


I. Entrance Procession

II. Introductory Rite

III. Penitential Rite

IV. Gloria, Collect

V. Liturgy of the Word:         

VI. Homily, Moment of Silence

VII. Credo

VIII. Prayers of the Faithful

IX. Offertory Procession, Preparation of Bread & Wine, Incensation   

X. Liturgy of the Eucharist

XI. Communion Rite

XII. Purification of Vessels, Moment of Silence, Post-Communion Prayer

XII. Prayer to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

XIV. Words of Gratitude by PCF Rector

XV. Solemn Blessing & Dismissal


1. thurifer

2. cross and candle bearers

3. other altar servers

4. the Faithful in two parallel lines

5. Rosary Leader (speaker & mic.)

* Statue of Our Lady of Peace & Good Voyage

6. Concelebrating Priests in two parallel lines

7. Main Celebrant

XVII. Singing of a Marian Song and Floral offering

XVIII. Incensation of the statue BVM