Donate to your Diocese’s or Region’s Scholarship Fund…

to cover strictly in this order of precedence:

  • annual board and lodging: around $9,000 for October to June school year, plus whatever is needed in case of July to September summer stay
  • health insurance ($200)
  • residence permit ($200)
  • bus pass ($300)
  • tuition fees ($5,000)
  • books and pocket money (up to $300 a month for the current October to September school year, for the months he is here at the Collegio)

These approximate amounts are really low compared with American standards. Additional funds raised will be reserved for the Diocese’s next student at the Collegio within five years (after which excess funds will be used for the Collegio’s general needs).

To request Masses to be celebrated for you, please select and click on a Priest’s name below (especially those near your region), and from there contact him directly.


Luzon Dioceses

Northern Luzon:

National Capital Region:

Southern Tagalog:

Bicol Region:

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Ways to make your Love Offerings

Ways to Make your Love Offering

A US tax-deductible receipt will be automatically emailed to you. Please indicate your cellphone number, and kindly consider making a monthly (recurring) donation too.
Best for larger donations, to save on credit card fees. Please always inform us of your donation, email and cellphone number, so you can be sent a US tax-deductible receipt. Please consider making a recurring donation. Thank you!

Chase Bank

Deposit or transfer at any bank in the US to Chase Bank: Ask Chase Bank Teller to deposit in this account name: “Friends of the Collegio”

Zelle Transfer

friendsofthecollegio <at> (kindly replace <at> with @)

Mailed Check

Kindly pay check to: “Friends of the Collegio”, and mail it to: Friends of the Collegio 1819 Ridgeview Ct. Dupont, WA 98327 USA

Combined Federal Campaign

“Friends of the Collegio” / CFC #53585 (CFC is for US Federal Employees and Organizations)

Combined Federal Drive

“Friends of the Collegio” / WA CFD Charity Code: 1482093
NOTE: we are still unable to issue a receipt to each donor using these GCash and BPI QR Codes.

BPI Deposit or Transfer Needing Acknowledgment Receipt

  • BPI Branch: Plaza Cervantes
  • Account name: Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila
  • In Pesos: BPI SA# 0053-2762-53
  • Indicate in deposit slip: “for Collegio Filippino” as well as the donor’s name, address, e-mail and cellphone number to receive an acknowledgment receipt.
  • Then kindly email to us the deposit slip.
  • (Please do not use the QR Code if you need an acknowledgment receipt.)

BPI Deposit or Transfer Not Needing Acknowledgment Receipt (also via the QR Code below)

  • BPI Branch: Plaza Cervantes
  • Account name: Pontificio Collegio Filippino
  • In Pesos: BPI SA# 0053-4128-23
  • Indicate in deposit slip: donor’s name, address, e-mail and celphone number.
  • Like in Masses and collection boxes, we will not issue a receipt for donations through this account.

Italian IBAN (in Euros)

Name / Nome:
Address / Indirizzo:
Via Aurelia 490
00165 Roma

Italian POST OFFICE account (in Euros)

Account Number / Numero Conto Corrente:
Name / Nome:
Address / Indirizzo:
Via Aurelia 490
00165 Roma
You may also fill up and print the Bolletino form here:

Mail us a Check

Kindly write a check for: “Pontificio Collegio Filippino” (“Collegio” with double “L”, and “Filippino” with double “P”) and mail it to: The Rector Pontificio Collegio Filippino Via Aurelia 490 00165 Rome, ITALY Please indicate your email and cellphone number as well. You will be sent a US tax-deductible receipt. For other countries, please check with your accountant if Friends of the Collegio receipt is also tax-deductible there.

Via Vatican Bank IBAN or Swift

  • BANK NAME: Istituto per Opere di Religione
  • ADDRESS: Cortile Sisto V, 00120 Vatican City
  • TELEPHONE: +39 06 6988 9388
  • FOR HELP: call +39 06 6988 9388 or email (remove the spaces).
  • NOTE: “Vatican Bank” is just a nickname; its official name is “Istituto per Opere di Religione” (or “IOR”)
  • ACCOUNT NAME: Pontificio Collegio Filippino
  • ADDRESS: Via Aurelia 490 – 00165 Rome – Italy
  • TELEPHONE: +39 (06) 3936 6461
  • IBAN: VA 9600 1000 0000 1178 4003
  • NOTE: Please ask your bank to convert your fund transfer into EUROS (not US Dollars!!!) even if you deposit in any other currency. Our Vatican Bank account is in Euros.

Welcome to FC

Our Church in the Philippines constantly needs to send Priests for further studies in the best Catholic Universities in Rome. They reside and undergo holistic formation at the Pontificio Collegio Filippino (Pontifical Filipino College) — close to the Holy Father physically, spiritually and doctrinally — and include in their daily Masses the special intentions of all who ask for prayers.

After two to four years, depending on their specialization, they return home to take charge of seminaries and other ministries in their Dioceses.

Volunteer without leaving your home, in this mission of training trainors for the Philippine Church…

Volunteer wherever you live and work — or retire, for that matter — through a monthly recurring donation of at least an hour of your salary.

Join us in responding to Cardinal Tagle’s call, through any of the following:

1. Click here to make a LOVE OFFERING for operations, renovations and continuing formation programs for our Priests. You may donate via debit or credit card, BPI, GCash, PayPal, PostePay (Italy), bank transfer, mailing a check, etc.

2. Click here to build SCHOLARSHIP FUNDS for your diocese or region back home.

3. Click here to raise FUNDS IN FUN WAYS among friends or while shopping, or to cover daily expenses for food and utilities.

Click here for your

Your name and intentions are displayed in our Chapel at the Collegio Filippino — for our Priests, Sisters and Lay staff to pray.

(Due to privacy concerns, we do not mention these intentions online, but rest assured we pray for each one of them. Also, only the date you chose as well as the first three letters of your name and family name appear when you click on this ONLINE LIST.)


Friends of the Collegio
1819 Ridgeview Ct. Dupont, WA 98327 USA