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School Year 2021-2022 Calendar

Regular Spiritual Activities


  • 6:30 a.m. Monday to Friday = English Mass with Italian Laudes (moved to 7:30 a.m. during breaks and final days of exams)
  • 7:30 a.m. Saturday = English Mass with Italian Laudes
  • 8:00 a.m. Sunday = English Mass


  • 6:30 p.m. daily = all are encouraged to maintain an atmosphere of silence and prayer in PCF
  • 6:30 p.m. Thursday = Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and Benediction
  • 6:45 p.m. Tuesday = weekly Community Mass (at times in Latin), then cocktails and dinner
  • 7:00 p.m. Sunday, Monday, Friday and Saturday = Rosary and Vespers in Italian
  • 7:00 p.m. Wednesday = Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Help and Vespers
  • Third Fridays = Monthly Recollection (Friday 6:30 p.m. to Saturday 7:30 a.m. Mass)
  • Confession and Spiritual Direction = personally scheduled

Other Regular Activities

  • First Fridays every month = Council of Co-Responsibles’ meeting (called by the Coordinator as needed)
  • Second Tuesdays every other month = Priests’ Assembly (called by the Coordinator as needed)
  • Monthly Presbyterium Day (determined by batch)
  • Birthdays and Anniversaries are usually celebrated at dinner. The celebrant may sponsor some special food to be cooked by the Collegio kitchen.
  • Academic Conference (at least once a semester, usually on a Thursday 8:15 p.m. so that Filipino Community members could attend; suspended as needed during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Refectory Services and Meal schedules (click here)
  • PCF Laundry Services: the drop box is open from Sunday to 3:00 pm Monday. They will be in the laundry boxes or hangers by Wednesday at the earliest. Not allowed: socks, briefs, boxer shorts, dry-cleaning.
  • There is also a laundry room
  • for Priests on the first floor. Clothes you wash yourselves may be brought down for ironing from Tuesday to Wednesday.

Activities by Date

  • Lead Commissions [indicated in brackets], assisted by others as needed: Worship [WC], Education [EC], Socials [SC], Temporalities [TC], Pastoral [PC]

SEP 30 Thu – OCT 3 SunAnnual Community Retreat at Centro Mariapolis, Castel Gadolfo; with Mass of the Holy Spirit
OCT 4 MonFirst Semester Classes Begin
OCT 7 MonPCF Foundation Day Dinner and Tribute to OP Sisters (Our Lady of the Rosary) [SC]
OCT 8 Fri Council of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting: determine number of members per Commission, post sign up sheet and assign sub-tasks to members
[reminder]Update and follow up the PCF Economus regarding time frames for your board and lodging and University tuition payments (including deadlines to avoid fines), and scholarships and benefactors if any.
[reminder]Laundry: please turn in soiled clothes (separate light from dark) starting Sunday up to Monday 3:00 p.m.
[reminder]Commissions: ask Rector for relevant student lists for Masses, anniversaries, etc. Also make sure all are in Messenger groups.
PENDING DATE & TIMECommunity Picture Taking with Card. Tagle [SC], [TC]
PENDING DATE & TIMEDinner: Sophomores’ Treat to the Freshmen
OCT 9 Sat from 16.30 to 18.30Early dinner for Amici del Collegio
NOV 1 MonPCF Community Day Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica? then Rector’s Day (breakfast, parlor games, lunch, dinner); for Masses with Communities, best is to schedule them between lunch and dinner [WC], [SC]
[reminder]Those who wish to minister in an Italian parish during Christmas, Holy Week and Summer, you may contact the PUSC Chaplain by early November. He knows parish priests, and can gauge your knowledge of Italian if sufficient. (Parish Priests who need student Priests may also contact him.)
NOV 5 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ meeting
NOV 9 TuePriests’ Assembly
NOV 19 FriMonthly Recollection [WC]
NOV 21 SunSolemnity of Christ the King
PENDING DATE & TIMEFirst Years set up Christmas decors, with the help of the community
DEC 3 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting (no Priests’ Assembly December)
DEC 8 WedImmaculate Conception celebration at PCF (in the past, Community Mass is at the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica) [WC]
PENDING DATE & TIMEChristmas Party (scheduled early as some leave early) instead of Priests’ Assembly [SC]
DEC 16 Thu to 24 Fri [PENDING TIME]Aguinaldo Masses
DEC 17 FriAdvent Recollection (schedule early as some leave early?) [WC]
DEC 23 ThuChristmas Vacation starts (check exact date with your University)
DEC 24 FriChristmas Eve Vigil Mass at 10:00 p.m. [WC] and celebration [SC]; see Knowledge Base for information
DEC 31 FriSolemnity of Mary, Mother of God Vigil Mass at 10:00 p.m. [WC] and New Year’s Eve celebration [SC]
[reminder]Renew Tessera Sanitaria, and email a scanned copy of the receipt and the card to the Rector. (See Knowledge Base for information, and for those who have other ways of paying medical bills.)
JAN 10 MonClasses resume (check exact date with your University)
JAN 14 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting (first Friday was still vacation)
JAN 18 TuePriests’ Assembly
JAN 21 FriMonthly Recollection [WC]
JAN 31 MonLast day for Second Semester Enrollment (check exact date with your University)
JAN 25 Tue to FEB 10 ThuFirst Semester Exam Period (check exact dates with your University)
PENDING DATE & TIMEWinter Outing (fun) [SC]
FEB 14 MonSecond Semester Classes begin (check exact date with your University).
FEB 17 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting (remind all to plan and look for parishes for Holy Week and summer, Annual Retreat)
FEB 19 FriMonthly Recollection [WC]
MAR 2 WedAsh Wednesday [WC]
MAR 4 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting: plan Collegio Day
PENDING DATE & TIME?Lenten Recollection facilitated by PCF, open to all Filipino Communities; invite to meeting for Collegio Day planning [PC]
PENDING DATE & TIME?Meet Filipino Community Leaders to plan Collegio Day [PC]
PENDING DATE & TIMECommunity Pilgrimage (prayers) [WC]
MAR 8 TuePriests’ Assembly: present Collegio Day plans
MAR 18 FriLenten Recollection [WC]
APR 1 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting
APR 10 SunPalm Sunday (and Holy Week Activities) [WC]; see Knowledge Base for information
APR 14 ThuHoly Thursday Mass – with Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Basilica, followed by special lunch at PCF (please invite friend Priests)?
APR 16 SatEaster Vigil Mass at 10:00 p.m. [WC]; See Knowledge Base for information
APR 17 SunEaster Sunday [WC]
APR 18 MonLunedì dell’Angelo (holiday)
APR 18 Mon to 24 SunEaster Break (optional pilgrimage)
APR 28 ThuCollegio Day Triduum: 1st day [WC]
APR 29 FriCollegio Day Triduum: 2nd day [WC]
APR 29 FriTribute to House Staff and Volunteers on the Feast of Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus [SC]
APR 30 SatCollegio Day Triduum: 3rd day [WC]
MAY 1 SunCollegio Day [WC] [EC] [SC] [TC] [PC]
MAY 5 ThuCOMELEC Preparatory Meeting
MAY 6 FriCouncil of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting: finalize CCR elections
MAY 10 TuePriests’ Assembly: finalize CCR elections
MAY 11 WedDay 1: Nominations (a.m.) and Elections (p.m.) of Council of Co-Responsibles’ Coordinator, Vice-Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer
MAY 12 Thu Day 2: Nominations (a.m.) and Elections (p.m.) of Council of Co-Responsibles’ Commission Heads
MAY 19 TueCommunity Mass and Induction of New Officers [WC]
MAY 20 FriMonthly Recollection [WC]
MAY 27 FriNew Council of Co-Responsibles’ Meeting: Plan Pamana Night, Annual Retreat
MAY 31 TuePamana Night [SC]
JUN 1 WedSecond Semester Exam Period (check exact dates with your University)
JUN 17 FriMonthly Recollection [WC]


  • For Licentiate students: your term papers and other submitted work could eventually form part of your thesina; you might wish to work on topics somewhat aligned with your field of interest whenever possible.
  • For Licentiate students: during the second semester of your penultimate year, you might wish to start looking for a topic and a thesina moderator, and come up with an outline as well as the introductory part. It might be possible to devote some time during summer to gather materials for your thesina, especially if you go the US, in between visits, where public or university libraries are accessible, and where summer pastoral work is at a minimum. This will help you avoid cramming for the thesina (which demands hard work) and other papers during the final year, and give you more time to review for the comprehensive exams on your final semester.


  • Online Enrollment: usually by early or mid-September (check exact dates with your University)
  • Enrollment in Rome : usually starting last week of September (check exact dates with your University)
  • Annual Retreat 2022: Sep 29 Thu (after breakfast) to Oct 2 Sun (after breakfast) *
  • Classes begin: October 3 Mon (check exact date with your University)


* The Annual Retreat is part of any Priests’ on-going formation program. All Collegio Priests are expected to attend the Annual Retreat organized by the Collegio, even if some might have already attended, or plan to attend, other retreats. This is because our retreat underlines points for reflection specific for priestly life as student residents of the Collegio here in Rome. “The student-priests must always make time for their spiritual monthly recollection, and annual retreat, absence from any of which could only be premised on truly grave reason(s)” (Ordinances, I. SPIRITUAL LIFE. 3. Retreat and Recollection). More on the annual retreat at: https://pcfroma.org/kb/sep-oct-retreat/.

For those with Italian lessons or Italian exams, classes, program orientation, etc., overlapping with the annual retreat: the PCF Rector writes the institutions concerned regarding our retreat. He explains that:

  • there is no other period during the school year where the Collegio may schedule the retreat (students do pastoral work, review for the exams or have other plans during Christmas, New Year, Holy Week, Easter and summers)
  • other Collegios hold the retreat in other periods and the students also have to skip classes
  • the retreat not only tackles spiritual matters, but also serves as an introduction to life in the Collegio for the incoming school year; and thus the students should attend the whole retreat and not miss any session
  • as per past experiences, the Italian exams may be moved to the Wednesday before the retreat, while class and program orientation organizers excuse the students, as they very well understand the need for the retreat, and they also say that this is a yearly experience they are used to having, as many Collegios have their retreats or other activities on these days.